How to Choose the Best DJ Orlando for Your Event

Looking for the best DJ Orlando has to offer? A DJ can liven up your event with music and a fun personality, making any wedding, birthday party, or other type of special event memorable and exciting. However, many of our customers wonder how they should go about choosing a DJ for their event. Below, we’ve outlined a few key things to ask and consider when interviewing DJs and selecting services.

What to Look for in Your DJ Orlando Services

To begin, the type of DJ you’ll want will ultimately depend on the vibe of the event that you’re planning.

If you’re planning an event with a focus on dancing, you may want a DJ in Orlando who specializes in club, house, or Latin music, or who labels themselves as a party DJ. However, if you want a more professional, tailored DJ experience for your wedding or another type of event, you may want a personable MC or a wedding DJ. At Sound Sensation Entertainment, our DJ services Orlando often include the option of having your DJ act as an MC.

Once you’ve established what kind of DJ you’ll need, it’s important to ask your potential DJ if they have performed at your type of event before, whether you’re planning a bar mitzvah or a birthday bash. If they have, find out what other kinds of events they’ve performed at as well. Ideally, you want a well-rounded, full-time DJ who can cater to all types of events and situations, including weddings.

Next comes one of the most important aspects of DJ services: music. A great DJ will have access to an extensive song library, be able to curate a custom list of songs for you, and handle music requests as you see fit. Sound Sensation Entertainment’s DJs use a library of over 75,000 songs and provide personal consultations.

Just as important is the sound equipment that your future DJ uses. Dated equipment will cheapen the effect of your music. Ask your DJ candidate what kind of sound equipment they have, as well as whether they have backup equipment. Our DJs use only top of the line equipment to guarantee great sound.

Finally, a truly phenomenal DJ will also offer other services beyond music, such as ceremony production, lighting, dance floor rentals, and video production to ensure that your event is a success. We pride ourselves on providing all of these DJ services in Orlando and more at Sound Sensation Entertainment.

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