Why Choose Sound Sensation for Orlando Lighting

Looking for a way to add “pop” to your wedding day? Can’t figure out how to add some “pizazz” to your next private party? Or are you simply looking to get “props” for your next corporate event? The lighting experts and party planning professionals at Sound Sensation are standing by with a full suite of lighting solutions for your next gathering, whether it is a classy and formal affair or a casual, rip-roaring good time. Keep reading for more details on the Orlando lighting services we offer!

One-Stop Shop for Orlando Lighting

No other provider in the Orlando area can meet all of your lighting and planning needs. At Sound Sensation, they match the mood and the venue with the correct lighting to give it that extra touch, bringing your special night to life with the perfect lighting, every time. With a variety of technologies and packages they work with you to customize and personalize your event. Plus, they offer fun extras like photo booths and DJ packages, everything you need to create a magical atmosphere that is perfect for making memories.

Mood Lighting

Luminaries in their field, Sound Sensation works with you, your event planner, and your venue to find the right mood. Utilizing Market Lights – iconic string lights – to create a romantic ambiance for weddings, inviting mood for parties, and professional atmosphere for corporate events, they can light any event with a touch of class.

Personalize It!

With GOBO Monogram displays you can add a personal touch to your event. Work with our lighting experts to create your own custom designed monogram, or choose from a catalog of popular styles and timeless favorites, then watch in awe as we project your “logo” tastefully onto the walls and dancefloor. Subtle yet dramatic, refined and sophisticated, this is a unique touch all of your guests will be talking about.

Wow Factor

With LED up-lighting, the lighting experts at Sound Sensation can transform any venue into exactly what you want it to be. Add the ambiance of your choosing – or one that changes with the lights – and create amazing photo-ops with these special LED light arrays available in a wide palette of colors. Match your lighting to your color scheme, making sure to perfectly illuminate all of those accents and small touches you labored over get their full due.

Lighting the Way

At Sound Sensation, we believe that beautiful lighting is the single best way to set and enhance the mood of any occasion. Thanks to our state of the art equipment, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and dedication to our craft, we can provide you with the party of a lifetime. Our Orlando lighting allows you to make your vision come to life: transform venues into larger, unique spaces; provide the backdrop for amazing photos; ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys their evening. We understand all of the elements of professional lighting, and we will use it – with a smile – to enhance the elegance of your next event with our breathtaking design. So whatever your next event is – big or small – trust the lighting experts at Sound Sensation to bring your party to life, so you can focus on being the life of the party.